About Us

To introduce ourselves:  

We are an international team of protection dog developers with 35 years of experience in cynology, including a team of professional dog handlers/trainers and a head office based in the heart of London. We have been brought together by one idea- to create a superdog with elite genes and skills, custom for elite people.

Members of our team consist of men and women in the military service, who find the best working puppies from a military and police ancestry. Year to year they travel all over Europe, taking part in various international military and police dog competitions to maintain their ability. The outstanding performance of these dogs are pre-programmed into their genes and with the appropriate training they achieve the highest results. It is a common misconception that any large breed dog will carry out the function of a protection dog. This is incorrect, large dogs or typically known guard dog breeds, despite having the potential, will not be able to fulfil their purpose without intense training.

We have a regime. We work with these puppies, training them with the best dog specialists and cynologists our company has to offer, returning them at the end of the day to our loving foster families, employed to give them the balance of work and affection they need. This allows them to grow with exposure to a family lifestyle and put their training into use.

Our aim is to match you with the right dog. We offer bespoke dogs -designed to integrate into your life, first of all as pets and only then as a form of security. They are trained to be safe family companions who will provide personal protection on demand.

We guarantee that the health of all of our canines are sound, feeding them the highest quality dog food and raw meat. All of our dogs come with a full vet history report.

We are an international business and our team can arrange worldwide shipping.