Elite Protection Dog

Elite Protection Dogs for personal and family protection
Guaranteed security with fully trained guard and family dogs for sale

Protection dogs are fully integrated into family life, as pets, and as working dogs, which can react on the command from the owner or expression of aggression from an attacker towards a family member.

Protection dog are not dangerous if raised correctly. Our 35 year dog training and expertise prove this.

What does ‘Elite Protection Dog’ mean?

The dogs we train have unique elite genes.

All of our puppies come from military and police backgrounds with generations of experience in protecting borders, searching for missing persons and drugs, and sniffing for bombs in warzones.

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Did you know?

As the number of violent attacks in homes grows magnificently, you can not get better protection than our fully trained dogs.

  • First of all our dog will alert you, even before someone gets into the CCTV view.
  • Secondly, he will prevent the act as a deterrent.
  • Finally, he will step into shield you as trained.
  • Nevertheless, a family protection dog is still a pet, and family member, who enjoys playing with children and adults alike.

A family protection dog is a loyal and affectionate companion. They are playful but obedient and will never let you down.

How can you buy our Elite Protection Dogs?
Protection dog owning process

For us it is important that these special dogs get to good, loving hands, and at the same time, to meet customer needs.
This has to be a successful union to enjoy the majority of the time.

Home and family protection dogs for sale

What our customers say

Rita London, UK

After a terrifying experience, where an intruder entered my home whilst I was sleeping, I realised that there was no limit to the price of safety. I was informed of the new trend of an Elite Protection Dog and instantly contacted the company. I’ve never felt safer knowing that not only my dog, but also my best friend, will loyally protect and defend me under all circumstances. Thank you Elite Protection Dogs for your service.

35 years Experience in Protection dog training

Gold Medal Winners

Gold at the 24th international dog biathlon at Woensdrecht

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